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Discovering the world’s oceans

Everyone wonders what lies beneath the surface of the ocean. Nortek is on a mission to discover just that. By creating reliable oceangraphic data through innovative devices, Nortek is helping the world map the oceans.

The right data at the right time

Data corruption can have serious consequences for oceanographic current measurement devices, which are used to collect data on the movement and direction of ocean currents.

It is essential that data is collected, stored and analysed using reliable and robust data management practices, which is the reason why Nortek approached Logic Technology for data management solutions.

Embedded Data Management

"Thanks to Logic Technology and Tuxera, we were able to implement an embedded data management solution. Which assist us in our mission to provide reliable oceanographic data, to help cast light on the working of the world's oceans."

– Sven Nylund

Senior Development Engineer at Nortek AS

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