eBook – Data Management at the Edge

There are important differences between desiging for traditional edge and desiging for Edge AI. In this eBook we dive into these differences, focussing on data management.  

eBook – Creating A Safe Future Proof IoT SDLC

A Secure Software Development Lifecycle Is An Essential Element In Your Product Development Process

Choosing a BIOS for an embedded x86 design

Which BIOS you can use for your embedded X86 device depends on a number of interdependent factors: Is this a one-time off design, or are you planning multiple designs and/or derivatives? Are you expecting to switch to newer CPU SKU’s…

Guide: Accelerate Development

Accelerate your product development cycle with tools, software stacks and industrial grade hardware. While off-loading overhead and complexity from the development team. Happy team, great products and a short time to-test.