4 proven strategies for secure embedded and IoT devices

Rather than merely reacting to threats, product development teams should anticipate and plan for potential vulnerabilities throughout the development process. This includes conducting a comprehensive risk assessment early on, identifying potential attack vectors, and developing mitigation strategies. One effective way…

eBook – Data Management at the Edge

There are important differences between desiging for traditional edge and desiging for Edge AI. In this eBook we dive into these differences, focussing on data management.  

eBook – Creating A Safe Future Proof IoT SDLC

A Secure Software Development Lifecycle Is An Essential Element In Your Product Development Process


Deciso is a highly innovative company that develops network appliances and middleware software. Their field of expertise ranges from open source firewall & utm technology to telecommunications and business intelligence. Security meets functionality While being a big advocate of open…

Hard Real-time database systems: why they make the difference

It is often said that a database system operates real-time, when the operating system is qualified hard real-time. Although this statement might appear sufficient for high performance computing applications, when operating on a s small scale embedded system with limited…

The Top 10 emerging cybersecurity threats

“If everything is connected, everything can be hacked” – European Commission President – Ursula von der Leyen ENISA, the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity has released the top 10 emerging cyber-security threats for 2030. The list is the result of…

Security in IoT: the next steps

By 2024 any IoT or smart device sold in the EU must meet certain standards or the product will be banned from the EU market. In November 2019, the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity, “enisa”, released a study on Good Practices for Security of IoT – Secure Software Development Lifecycle” bringing together the views on best Secure SDLC practices from industry leaders from all over the world to make European manufacturers of smart connected devices aware of the eminent threats of hacks and cybercrimes and their danger for infrastructure and economies.