The Landrovers

our logic solution for the landrovers

The Challenge

The Landrovers is a Dutch company that focuses on reimaging the good old fashioned Land Rover Defender. After acquiring a Land Rover, the car is completely stripped and built back up to the highest standards, including a custom interior and interface.

How do you create an user interface that provides reliability, safety and usability, while maintaining a hyper modern look and feel? That’s the question The Landrovers approached Logic Technology with. The enquiry by The Landrovers was two-sided, one side based on software (UI/UX design), the other side based on hardware (display).

The Solution

That’s where our slogan “There’s always a Logic Solution!” came into play. We established contact between The Landrovers and a company called GOcontroll, which focusses embedded hardware development. When using hardware in vehicles it’s important to use electronics that work within an extended temperature range and Logic was able to provide just that from Ka-Ro Electronics. GOcontroll used that base product to create a Digital Instrument Cluster and a Human Machine Interface.

The Human Machine Interface is the way that the driver can control navigation and multimedia within the car. For the design of the User Interface we used Storyboard by Crank Software, to create a cutting edge display.

The Results

This project created a close cooperation between The Landrovers, GOcontroll and Logic Technology. Logic Technology acts as the driving force that makes projects like this come to live and creates the best possible results. Our collaboration even led to a new commercial product, a semi-finished product that can be bought by other companies.

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