Composition Analysis

Software composition analysis helps developers find vulnerabilties, making compliance and risk reduction much faster and easier.

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TBevolve is an additional module to LDRA Testbed that identifies and tracks significant source code changes and enables projects to accurately monitor the impact of these code changes on their testing process.

Creating your SDLC

A good software architecture analyis tool kickstarts your development life cycle, making sure inefficiencies are identified early on. This sort of vulnerability management system makes for more secure coding, benefiting your code compliance and license management. It also means faster coding, saving you time and money and enables a quicker time-to-market.

Once the product is launched, having a good documentation of your code means easier maintainability, quicker change management, and improved adaptability for implementation on multiple platforms.he definition of the protocols and the stack is its software implementation.

André De Ceuninck

André De Ceuninck

Software Quality | Testing | Certification

Open source software creates specific challenges. I've helped a lot of companies create secure, fast and flexible solutions

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