Database Management Systems

The amount of data gathered, processed and relayed by embedded and IoT devices is growing exponentially. As requirements are changing rapidly it is important to have an expandable data-infrastructure in place. There are many DBMS to choose from, but only few are optimized for embedded systems ticking off the (hard-) real-time, small footprint, data manipulation and indexing boxes. That’s when you need Logic Technology: for a flexible DBMS that grows with your product.

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eXtremeDB | A DBMS tuned for your market

Believe it or not, but even though eXtremeDB initially was developed for embedded systems, its flexibility of in-memory, on-disc and hybrid configuration makes it extremely powerful for a broad number of applications and industries. From a small hard real time embedded device to a data crunching system in the financial market, eXtremeDB provides significant added value.


Unleash the power of high-performance, mission-critical data management with eXtremeDB/rt, the most advanced deterministic database for hard real-time systems. Experience unwavering reliability, unparalleled performance, and predictable execution with eXtremeDB/rt. Its unwavering reliability, unparalleled performance and predictable execution cater to the specific needs of safety-critical systems.

McObject | In-memory, hybrid and persistent

The eXtremeDB in-memory and persistent database management system is McObject’s core product. Exceptionally fast, with unparalleled flexibility, eXtremeDB is a powerful tool for the professional developer. The eXtremeDB database management system was originally designed and optimized to be an in-memory database system (IMDS), with direct data manipulation. When a database management system is created, it will, by design and implementation, be either an in-memory database system or an on-disk database management system. This initial choice affects the fundamental optimization strategies that will be baked into the database system code.

eXtremeDB for Embedded

eXtremeDB offers more features than any other database management system, giving professional developers reliability, speed and connectivity solutions for current needs and future growth. Especially tuned for IoT Connectivity Solutions, Features to Maximize Database Reliability and exceptionally fast with unparalleled flexibility.

eXtremeDB for HPC

eXtremeDB for HPC partitions, or shards, a database and distributes query processing across multiple servers, CPUs and/or CPU cores. Performance is accelerated — dramatically, in some cases — via parallel execution of database operations and by harnessing the capabilities of many host computers rather than just one.

eXtremeDB SQL Database Interface

McObject’s eXtremeSQL database interface is a high-performance implementation of the SQL language for eXtremeDB. eXtremeDB combined with eXtremeSQL is an ideal solution for application development in fields where reliable responsiveness is a must and SQL is the dominant database language. eXtremeDB with eXtremeSQL can be used as a persistent SQL database, an in-memory SQL database, and as a client/server or embedded database system.

Database management tools and solutions

The main benefits of a database management system:

  • Improved data organization: Database management systems organize data in a structured and efficient way. This makes it easy to find and retrieve the data you need.
  • Data security: Database management systems provide features to protect your data from unauthorized access and theft.
  • Data integrity: Database management systems help to ensure that your data is accurate and cons
  • Data scalability: Database management systems can scale to meet the needs of even the largest businesses and organizations
  • Data accessibility: Database management systems make it easy to share data with other users and applications
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